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Sparkling Walls finish is available in 12 varieties:Sparkling Silver (silver), Luxury Gold (gold), Pearly Rainbow (pearl iridescent ), Royal Shine (Royal Blue), Rainforest Twinkle (green) , Heavenly Sprinkle (light blue), Fairy Dust (Pink), Shiny Copper ( Copper), Black Magic (Black), Passion Red (red), Shimmering Stones ( Mixed Black, Gold, Copper), Purple Splendour ( Purple)

With Sparkling Walls you can create beautifull sparking and shiny accents on your walls and/or Ceiling. Combine Sparkling Walls with a nice corresponding background color. A pure white background is also very nice. The results are allways stunning.

Standard : For only 15,95 euro (contains enough for 1 litre). One litre is enough to paint approx 10-15m2 wall or ceiling..

Extra : Twice as much sparkles. For only 19,95 euro (contains enough for 1 litre).To paint approx 10-15 m2 wall or ceiling..

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Sparkling Walls is in not liable for any damage which is caused by or during the use of Sparkling Walls paint.

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