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Sparkling Walls.............. A subtle colour accent disguised as tiny little sparkles that seem to be thrown careless on the wall. They give a unique and distinctive look to walls so they look never boring again.

Sparkling Walls is a transparent finish with decorative additions like: Silver, Gold, Blue, Green, Pink, Pearly, Black and Copper coloured Sparkles. Easy to apply with a small paint roller. The combination of sparkles with a nice background texture and / or color creates a unique dynamic effect. It does not matter if you paint a whole wall or just a small part. The effect is always surprising and very special. Perfectly suitable for texture plastered and texture painted walls.

Sparkling Walls finish is available in 12 varieties: Sparkling Silver (silver), Luxury Gold (gold), Pearly Rainbow (pearl iridescent ), Royal Shine (Royal Blue), Rainforest Twinkle (green) , Heavenly Sprinkle (light blue), Fairy Dust (Pink), Shiny Copper ( Copper), Black Magic (Black), Passion Red (red), Shimmering Stones ( Mixed Black, Gold, Copper), Purple Splendour ( Purple)

With Sparkling Walls Finish you create stunning shiny effects on walls and ceilings.

A spontaneous reaction of family and friends will not fail to come. They will make you compliments on your creativity.

Sparkling Walls is in not liable for any damage which is caused by or during the use of Sparkling Walls paint.

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